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SIMPOSIO OUTDOOR ph s mazzotta lq (34 di


del silenzio

Project winner of the prize CollaborAction Kids XL#1 2018 - azione del Network Anticorpi XL | Cantieri Danza | Solares | Amat | Arteven | Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza | La Piccionaia | Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo | Teatro Pubblico Pugliese | C.L.A.P. Spettacolodalvivo | Armunia | FTS Onlus | ACS | Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara | FIND. 

Simposio del silenzio is a fairy tale about precariousness: the weight, the balance, the risk, the dualistic conflict and the ineluctable desire for an unattainable unitary harmony, a fairy-tale journey into the dark world of the unconscious, the place where our implicit self, into which it is necessary to go in order to know the depths of one's being, of one's complexity, diving into the darkness of one's essence in the hope of re-emerging in a new unitary and integrated self.

a creation by Lucrezia Maimone


concept, direction and choreography Lucrezia Maimone

on stage Lucrezia Maimone, Elie Chateignier

sound and music Lorenzo Crivellari

dramaturg advice Stefano Mazzotta

artistic collaboration magic effects Jonathan Giard

light design Tommaso Contu

photography Stefano Mazzotta

stage technician on tour Tommaso Contu e Riccardo Serra


Production Oltrenotte

with the contribution of 

Zerogrammi (Torino)

Tersicorea - Interconnessioni 2018 (Cagliari)

with the support of 

Regione Piemonte, Regione Sardegna, MIC Ministero della Cultura

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CASALUFT (Turin, Italy)

STEAM LAUNDRY (Collegno, Italy)

INTERCONNECTIONS ed. 2018/Tersicorea T Off (Settimo S. Pietro, Italy)

ARMUNIA (Castiglioncello, Italy)

SI'E BOI THEATER (Selargius, Italy)

T Off (Cagliari, Italy)


CASALUFT (Turin, Italy)


CARTEC Civic Museums (Cagliari (Italy)

FORGE THEATER/Former glass factory (Cagliari, Italy) 

TAC DANCE (Tenerife, Spain)

COLLABORACTIONKIDS/Festival Y Generation (Trento (Italy)

FESTIVAL MUTINY (Ravenna, Italy)​






Vicenza (Veneto, Italy)


Padua (Veneto, Italy)


Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy)


Pesaro (Marches, Italy)


Parma (Emilia Romagna, Italy)


Rosignano (Tuscany, Italy)


Cecina (Tuscany, Italy)



Teatro si'e Boi Cagliari (Sardinia, Ita)


La Bottega Festival Visions of Spring

Carloforte (Sardinia, Italy)


Merate che spettacolo! (Merate, Lombardia)


Teatro delle Saline (Cagliari, Sardegna)


Mamatita Festival (Alghero, Sardegna)

backstage and photo project

project notes

The dream is the gateway to a fairy-tale world of frolicking anthropomorphic clouds, ogres and giantesses, fantastic animals, black rabbits and birds of prey. ​

(Lorenzo Mattotti)

In the complex journey that takes us from childhood to adulthood, adolescence is the transitory place of anxieties, of transformations, the place where dreams and desires, coming with childish charm from the light-heartedness of childhood, are projected into the future by conversing (and often colliding) with reality. As fairy tales teach us, however, this is the journey necessary to understand who we are also and above all through dialogue with our deepest fears. Thus in Symposium of Silence: a story between dance, clowning and theatre, conceived and constructed as a fairy-tale journey into the dark world of the unconscious, whose geographies are inspired by the illustrated works of Lorenzo Mattotti. At the center of the story is the restlessness and fragility of a young protagonist and her awkward questioning relationship with big and heavy books that populate the scene. As bearers of hypothetical answers and viable paths, these objects, almost endowed with a life of their own, accompany her on a vertical journey in search of herself that almost recalls the illogical scenarios of Carroll's Alice during the famous fall down the rabbit hole. From this fall backwards, images and movements follow one another, to give life to symbols of childhood restlessness, through the murky scenarios of a narrative dedicated to doubt, uncertainty, the precariousness of the self.

As in every tale of growth, the narration insists and returns to the dynamics generated by the demand and the desire for balance in the face of obstacles, the test to overcome, the safe place and the order to conquer: abandoning the presumed certainty of a center , the story launches into the precariousness of motion, in the search for a temporary safe place, for a plausible order, to finally give us back the only possible certainty: that nothing ever remains the same and that the condition of demand is the only way for growth, change, discovery.


a Stefano Mazzotta per l’immenso sostegno e il preziosissimo accompagnamento artistico, a Simonetta Pusceddu per l’inestimabile appoggio e fiducia, giorno e notte, a Anthony Mathieu per la compartecipazione e complicità.

(...) it has the air and the scent of a fairy tale, and of a fairy tale it possesses the imaginative features seasoned with dark, disturbing and fatal implications. A woman with a long braid and a long green dress dances with the movements of a mechanical automaton from a story by Hoffmann or Edgar Alla Poe. The books scatter in space, are opened and like surprise boxes they release moving images that unfold with grace and a certain irony. A playful and serious dance at the same time, evocative and intense in perpetual relationship with those large volumes that weigh, burden and yet elevate and push.​


(Henry Shepherd)​​

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