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notes on the project

Oltremai transport us to imaginative universes of humor and poetry. Spots, signs and gestures with a strong spontaneity show murky scenarios of a freely inspired dark fairy tale to the homonymous illustrated book by Lorenzo Mattotti.

The short format OLTREMAI creation is the first chapter of the show SIMPOSIO DEL SILENZIO.

oltremai 3.jpg


created and interpreted by

Lucrezia Maimone

sound design

Lorenzo Crivellari


Zerogrammi/Permutazioni 2018

support by Regione Piemonte MIBAC

category dancetheatre
duration 12 min

staff on tour 1 artist + 1 technician

photography Dietrich Steinmetz​

supported by Festival Cortoindanza 2018 | Tersicorea

MiBACT - Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali
Regione autonoma della Sardegna - Assessorato Pubblica istruzione Beni Culturali - informazione - Spettacolo e sport

(...) the enigmatic and evocative Lucrezia Maimone with her OLTREMAI. In the wake of a literary epiphany, the dancer

Maimone elaborates a dark and melancholy solo. Oltremai is outlined as the fairy tale of a sad woman of the past. She lives in a lost space out of time where books rage. Large volumes that act as a stool, raise it, besiege it. They give her no rest, not even when she wishes to pray. Books that build controversial fantasies like bright holes in the dark, but capable of sucking it in the same way. She fights them off by leveraging her generous and athletic body. Vertical wall on the arms, ellipse of air in the forward and backward gyrations on one arm, extended and nervous spatiality in the split. It happens that an apparently placid and submissive figure gives way to a conscious ardor. Maimone reproduces a universe of images, emotions and perceptions, immersed in the purest theatre.


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