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(work in progress)

Zoologia is a choreographic research project intended for the creation of diverse imaginary beings of zoolatrial nature. A bestiary of marvels, horrid and fantastic in which it recreates the natural habitat of each imaginary being.


On Stage Lupa Maimone
Concept, direction, choreography and
Costumes Lupa Maimone

music written and directed by Marco Caredda

played by Marco Caredda (cello), Elsa Paglietti (violin), Paola Lilliu (Clarinet), Melania Bertolo (Piano), Alice Naitza Clarkson (Transverse Flute).

Props and scenography Lupa Maimone, Riccardo Serra,
Vinka Delgado

Light design Riccardo Serra

Sound design Simone Frau

Photography Sara Montalbano, Federica Zedda

Production Oltrenotte

Project winner of

di Equilibrio Dinamico, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Comune di Andria, Festival Castel dei Mondi in collaboration with Museo Diocesano San Riccardo (Andria, Puglia)


Premio Presente Futuro​

Premio Zero in condotta


with the support of artistic residencies

RIZOMI artisti nel territorio a cura di Tersicorea (Carloforte, Sardegna)

Teatro La Bottega a cura di Bötti di Shcöggiu (Carloforte, Sardegna)

Arte Transitiva a cura di Officine Caos (Torino, Piemonte)

La Nave del Duende (Cáceres, Spagna

Teatro Libero di Palermo​

con il contributo del MIC Ministero della Cultura

Steps of creation


There is strong emotion in discovering the ability to invent, the inspiration and control of the body of Lucrezia Maimone, aka "Lupa", grappling with daring and spectacular evolutions. Author of flawless dance, the young artist also adds an innate theatrical presence. In his expressive window he takes up a piece from "Zoology" - under construction - in which he will show a bestiary of horrid and fantastic wonders. Dressed in a large man's suit, she initially performs a dance made of harmonic fluency, ringing figures with reckless aerial movements. Ambiguous looks and mimicry suggest characters from improvised stories, part of a dance theater that touches the sky.

Back on stage to show a very tall puppet with a very small head, half body, head and one arm, wrapped in a white shirt. He performs evolutions and jeers by blowing off the puppet's head like a champagne cork.

But she is sitting on a chair that "Lupa" improvises a bewitching and hypnotic dance of the four arms (two obviously fake and "sewn" on the back" are not perceived). Two plus two. Two that become three, four and two again. The artist composes impossible yet authentic plots. A piece of extraordinary impact that transforms the dancer and actress into the icon of Shiva, the Hindu deity of destruction, also known by the name of Natarajà, or the "Lord of the dancers". Dance, theatrical invention, circus art, puppetry and acrobatics. All this is concentrated in the art of "Lupa", or Lucrezia Maimone, future star of sure success, thanks also to "Anima If" which confirms the propensity to be an incubator of new talents and a showcase for a puppet theater that seeks confrontation with other worlds and languages.

WALTER PORCEDDA / The States General

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