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(k. Jooss,1932)

10 dancers meet the Oltrenotte company for the restaging of the work La Table Verte by the choreographer Kurt Jooss (1932).

The project curated by the choreographer Lupa Maimone is a co-production between Oltrenotte and Tersicorea

Direction: Lupa Maimone and Riccardo Serra
Objects and masks Vinka Delgado, Lupa Maimone, Riccardo Serra, Elisa Vizioli
Text and voice Elisa Zedda
With the collaboration of Urban Pep

Interpreted by
Elisa Zedda
Arianna Berton, Giulia Cannas, Letizia Dessi, Emanuele Frutti, Caterina Montanari, Rebecca Moriondo, Sara Perra, Amedeo Podda, Teresa Priano, Giuditta Re

Photography Federica Zedda

with the support of

MIC ministry of culture

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