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October, Patron Saints, Sirens, Guardian Angels, Handkerchiefs, Silence. The days are getting shorter. Six young women who can't wait to grow old welcome you in a dusty and stale place to be filled with memories and affections, transformations of people and objects.


Concept, direction and choreography Lupa Maimone
Music Lucia Angèle Paglietti, Elisa Zedda
Light design Riccardo Serra

Masks and props Vinka Delgado
Costumes Lupa Maimone, Elisa Vizioli
Set design Lupa Maimone, Riccardo Serra

Photography Federica Zedda

Video Casa Uiza

Created and performed with Vinka Delgado, Lupa Maimone, Lucia Angèle Paglietti, Eliza Vizioli, Elisa Zedda.

Coproduction Tersicorea and Oltrenotte

with the support of
Residenze Artistiche DI TERRE E DI ACQUE - LUOGHI DA CUSTODIRE / Carpe diem

MIC / Ministero della Cultura

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