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Training 2023

theatrical anatomy

The hybrid nature of contemporary scenic art brought some artists to create their performative code. The research and fusion of different languages such as circus, dance, music and theatre gave life to a chain of artistic dialects that enriches the creators.


ANATOMIE TEATRALI is a program conceived to give the artists the tools necessary for multidisciplinary theatre creation and expand their knowledge of the current realities. From research to act, from dramaturgy to creation techniques. Participants will gain a method to stage their ideas. Nation and international professionals will share their artistic and technical knowledge.

Program for dance, circus, stage artists that aim to acquire or deepen theatre creation techniques.

The training is conceived in two ways:


8 workshops of three days each, the last week of each month for 8 months starting from January to May 2021 and from October to December 2021.

The workshops are aimed at all types of professional live entertainment artists and authors.


Daily training workshop lasting 5 consecutive weeks from 30 August 2021 to 2 October 2021. This program is aimed at professional or neo-professional circus artists and dancers who wish to perfect their training.

In both formations there is an annexed program of theatrical performances, called ASSAGGI DI SCENE: For the intensive program it is expected that the teacher trainers present their works with the aim of showing examples of the poetics that they intend to transfer to the users, and bring the audience to this kind of hybrid theatrical performance. During the period of the workshops, there will be a program of works in progress by the participants, with the aim of encouraging artists to show their creations to the public, so as to develop a constructive dialogue with it in preparation for the development of the creation itself.

theatrical anatomies (2022, 2021)

scene tastings

In a creative process, artists consider the public as the final user, judge and indistinct entity. Society teaches us to evaluate the show as the ultimate act of the creation process. So, the artist wants to protect and hide his job until he considers the piece done. Frequently we forget that the best part of travel is the travel itself.

To change this erroneous concept, we introduce ASSAGGI DI SCENA. It is a live show linked with ANATOMIE TEATRALI where an artist can present his working progress idea to spectators. The aim is to open a dialogue between artist and public to give to the first one a constructive discussion and gain some clues, meanwhile an occasion for the spectators to live the creation process and understand what happens behind the scene.

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