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OLTRENOTTE is a dancetheatre company based in the city of Cagliari and with the artistic direction of Lucrezia Maimone, dancer/choreographer, founder together with Riccardo Serra, engineer and stage technician.

The company is engaged in the production of dancetheatre, music and performing arts shows.

OLTRENOTTE is a project where creators, artists and artisans are welcome to join the
activities and link and support each other.


Dance, invention, object theatre, acrobatics, live music, all of this is concentrated in Oltrenotte's art.

OLTRENOTTE invites authors, interpreters, artists to take part in the projects, join and support each other.

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ANATOMIE TEATRALI is a professional training for dancers, circus artists and performers. The training aims to give the tools necessary for contemporary artistic creation.


We combine the symbolism of the night with that condition which allows the human being to celebrate the depth of being, to expand into its most hidden qualities, those which are not revealed in the light of day.

Often the night is associated with darkness and unreasonable states, yet we perceive it as that extraordinary opportunity for discovery, a bridge that connects us to our sublime ability to generate an imaginative idea.

In these terms, the night becomes time for magic and the mother of dreams, allowing us to give light to artistic creation understood as growth, discovery and openness towards the unpredictable.




The architecture of alternative theatres represents a qualifying symbolic and social element, but in a much different way from historical theatres or anyway from the idea of ​​what theatre is. is born from an architectonical concept of the typical post-industrial warehouse. The result is a small and functional space. The stones of the walls and the wood of the floor, characterizing elements of the place, appear to have absorbed the several artistical projects developed in over 30 years. The history of the theatre made it a perfect place for art and creation. It is not a black box as the stage of a conventional theatre but an environment that transcends the matter extending and stretching with the dreams told by the artists. There is not a bleacher separated from the stage but a flexible environment where the public and artists can stay in touch, exchanging gazes and sharing the magic of performances. The space guarantees and proposes a virtuous model of development, based on the capabilities to invest in relationships with the public, through a dialogue among different art languages ​​to valorize the advantages of interchanges and confront.

The T.Off is managed by Simonetta Pusceddu, head of Tersicorea association.

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