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Oltrenotte Motel is an annual creative event, a "happening" that welcomes an artistic team of performers, choreographers, musicians, and set designers for a production tailored for unconventional theatrical spaces.

The event aims to recreate the characteristic atmospheres of Oltrenotte and to express the poetic vision upheld by the company through a new script, interweaving new stories with Oltrenotte's existing repertoire. Oltrenotte fully embraces the concept of co-creation, and Oltrenotte Motel represents a special opportunity to preserve our aesthetic while nurturing the desire to share with special guests. These guests sometimes bring characters and other times fragments of their own work, integrating them into the atmospheres and scenic writing characteristic of Oltrenotte. This precious artistic friendship translates into an event that draws inspiration from and adapts to the performance space, making the creation site-specific, flexible, and suitable for a variety of alternative venues.

Concept and staging by Lupa Maimone
On stage: Andrea Marano, Arianna Berton, Elisa Zedda, Giorgia Gasparetto (guest The home of Camila), Lupa Maimone, Nadia Addis (guest Bernadette), Priscilla Pizziol, Santo Pablo Krappmann
With special participation of Simonetta Pusceddu
Music by Elisa Zedda and Andrea Marano
Cameo by Lucia Angèle Paglietti
Lighting design and set up by Riccardo Serra
Set design by Lupa Maimone and Santo Pablo Krappmann
Scenography, props, and costumes by Oltrenotte

Production Oltrenotte

Photography by Federica Zedda

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